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The best trip of the year and of your life awaits you! 

Special for tango fans

You can not lose this!

In alliance withLondon Tango Academy de Leandro Palou and Maria Tsiatsiani Directors of the academy founded in England for 20 years, we seek to make your trip an unforgettable experience for you who are a fan and lover of tango. We want to offer you a unique, fun and safe learning experience; and also guided by experts of the Tango culture in Argentina, taking you to meet the most renowned tango masters in the world, take their classes and appreciate shows, all in one place, iconic restaurants, cafes, milongas and the favorite places of tango with the best kept secrets in the city.

A whole tango immersion and an international cultural exchange!

Leandro and Maria Tango dancers with great international experience, choreographers, teachers and coaches have 7 years of experience performing theTango Tour/ Tango Holidays aBuenos Airesfrom England with excellent results and testimonials from happy and satisfied tangueros and now they have extended this wonderful opportunity for the first time toColombiain alliance with

TangolombiaLaura and David

What happiness, what a privilege - THANK YOU!

We are eager to share this experience with you full of great memories and a lot, but a lot of learning.

Prepare your feet in hot water now!



Tango lovers, alone, as a couple or a group of friends


Required level:

All levels are welcome including those who are starting to dance Tango up to now

  • Pugliese Package  week 1:

7 nights

  • Package D'Arienzo  weeks 1 and 2: 

14 nights

  • Troilo Package weeks 1,2 and 3:

20 nights


Don't worry. If you cannot do the 3-week trip, with the one-week package you can still enjoy the activities around Tango to the fullest and it will be fantastic

Quines participan


Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz  – Christian Márquez & Virginia Gómez (“Los Totis”) – Alejandra Mantiñan – Facundo Piñero & Vanesa Villalba – Noelia Hurtado – Adrián Veredice & Alejandra Hobert – Fabián Peralta & Josefina Bermúdez – Leandro Palou & María Tsiatsiani – Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides – Corina de la Rosa & Alejandro Andrián – Nito & Elba – Mauro Caiazza – Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores -Javier Rodríguez & Moira Castellano – Dana Frígoli – Pablo Rodríguez & Majo Martirena – Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa – Gustavo Rosas – Gisela Natoli & Juan Braida – Virginia Pandolfi & Roberto Zuccarino – Mariela Sametband & Guillermo “el Peque” Barrionuevo – Virginia Vasconi & Pancho Martínez Pey – Cecilia Capello & Diego Amorín – Carla Marano & Leonardo Sardella- Fernando Carrasco & Jimena Hoeffner – Paulo Bidart & Noelia Barsi – Ricardo Calvo & Sandra Messina – Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo – Martina Waldman & Alex Moncada – Johana Copes & David Palo – Sebastián Jiménez & Magdalena Valdéz – Victoria Codru & Iakof Shonsky – Paz Giorgi & Federico Perelli – Becky Navarro & Lucas Robañera

Tremendous Cracks!


Everything is ready for you to have the best possible experience


This is Our Tour 


The Tango event of the Year!
Its all about non stop dancing for 5 consecutive days and classes with more than 30  couples of world acclaimed master teachers
(that's 6 times more than any regular tango event around the globe)

The CITA PASS provides you with everything you need to enjoy this incredible week, including:


4 Milongas with live music

30+ of the top couples of Masters in the World

75+ different classes to choose from

Shows by the Masters

Best Tango orchestras
Incredible DJs

WEEK 2:This week we will attend the CITA festival – International Congress of Argentine Tango. Classes, classes and more classes, a show in the theater and to top it all off at night milongas so get ready to dance until you drop. Best of all, the appointment takes place at the hotel where we will be staying, so you can be much more comfortable, go up to your room during breaks and save time and money on trips; and also to share with other tangueros from different countries of the world, especially with our colleagues from London Tango Academy. So in addition to tango you will have a whole international cultural exchange.

This is wonderful!


WEEK 3:This week we will learn more about Buenos Aires and Tango During this week, you will have more daily tango and milongas classes, more tango shopping and walks around the city to have a coffee and lunch in the best places in the city

That's lovely!


  • HOSPEDAJE en Hotel 4 estrellas: por 7 noches en el Hotel Abasto Plaza, ubicado en el centro de Buenos Aires. El hotel incluye el desayuno (nota: Almuerzo y Cena no están incluidos en este paquete)

  • TRANSPORTE- AEROPUERTO  (nota: transportes internos para desplazarse al interior de la ciudad o ir a las milongas no están incluidos)

  • PASE PARA CITA FESTIVAL: Recibirás una pase completo al festival de Tango más grande y completo de Buenos Aires, el CITA donde podrás recibir 16 talleres de tango con maestros de talla internacional y entradas a 4 milongas con orquestas en vivo. Además de esto, entrada para ver el show de los maestros.

  • ENTRADAS MILONGAS: Las entradas a una gran variedad de Milongas desde las más reconocidas y tradicionales hasta las más modernas de Buenos Aires. Todas están incluidas en tu viaje. Sí, todas las noches de tu estadía! Bueno menos un día porque hay que descansar.

  • CLASES DE TANGO con maestros de talla internacional en Tango y folklore Argentino,  ¡Todos los profes más tesos reunidos para ti en un mismo lugar

  • GUÍA DE SHOPPING TANGUERO Te llevaremos de compras o a vitriniar hasta el cansancio en algunas de las mejores tiendas de vestuario y calzado para bailar tango. ¡Mejor dicho, a lo Personal Shopper! Waoooo. Mienstras nos llevará a los lugares más populares de la ciudad y a sus secretos mejor guardados.

Package D'Arienzo 

week 1 and 2

14 nights

March 6 - 20, 2022

Price for:

individual accommodation

double accommodation

For more information on prices contact us



Reserve a professional dancer for your classes and milongas now and make the most of your learning and immersion experience during your stay


Package x 1 week

Package x 2 weeks

Package x 3 weeks



 If you want more information write to us


  • Airline tickets
    We can recommend some flights

  • Lunch and dinner
    However breakfast is included ​at the hotel

  • internal transport
    Taxis, Ubers, Subway

  • Personal expenses​​


"Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for accepting me and making me part of your tango holiday family. The experience was so very special that I do not find the right words to express it. I am still on cloud nine!"  - Rosemarie Erden (2019)


“Forgive the repetition, but thank you SO much for the past two weeks. I enjoyed myself enormously and it was just the most wonderful holiday in so many ways which I never expected to be quite so amazing.” -Carole Graham (2018)


“I couldn't have wished for better hosts - Maria and Leandro were amazing! Always smiling, always calm, patient & paying close attention to everyone. With their excellent network of contacts, they made sure we had the best time possible in BsAs” - Christine Williams (2017)


“I simply can't explain in words... Leandro & Maria are incredibly attentive to the details that make this trip special! They make sure everyone is having a great time and that the group is always receiving VIP treatment. 5 Stars all around! ” - Sabrina Saulle (2016)


“My first experience of Buenos Aires wasn't very good! I went with a girlfriend and it was a bit of a shock! It was difficult to get any dances and impossible to reserve tables at the milongas! After joining Leandro & Maria's group, we felt like royalty! They always had reserved tables for their group, even in the smallest/busiest milongas! But most importantly, their attention to detail, to each person, with so much heart and care... they are truly wonderful hosts and beautiful souls. Thank you!" -Julie Hart (2016)

Envíanos tus datos y te estaremos contactando lo más pronto posible

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