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Enjoy a special tango show for your celebrations and events.

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Surprise your family, friends and spectators with a wonderful exhibition of Argentine rhythms: Tango, Milonga and Vals. Let yourself be enveloped by this sensual, elegant and exciting rhythm.


David and Laura are Tango dancers, runners-up of the first virtual reality of Tango in the World - Tangochamps during the pandemic. They currently belong to the Chetango International Company. 


Laura isNational Tango Championin Manizales y Professional Tango dancer for more than 20 years, National Tango Champion 2001, Social Communicator-Journalist and Master of Neurolinguistic Programming, creator of the Conscious Tango Method and Director of Tangolombia. It has been part of the most important Tango companies in Medellín and Bogotá and important salsa videos from Discos fuentes with Richi Ray Bobby Cruz and Diego Galé and Zona Prieta. He participated in the National tour in Colombia with the renowned Argentine dancer Miguel Angel Zotto and participated in the First World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires Argentina, there he acquired knowledge in the Mora Godoy studio. He is currently part of the Che Tango International Corporation and participates in different events in the city and the world virtually. 


David is a tango dancer 5  years ago, Systems Engineer and NLP Practitioner. He has participated in important national Tango companies such as Yira Cuore, El desbande and Che tango. He has trained with important national and international teachers and dancers. Co-creator of the Conscious Tango Method that combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, communication and the elements of Tango Dance.


- Show of 1 couple. Duration: 20 minutes.

- Group Show with 2 couples on stage. Duration: 45 minutes

- Tango show with Argentine musician. Duration: 1:00 hour.

Ideal for all kinds of events: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, brand activations, launches, dates and special celebrations. 

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